X Factor 2010: How can this happen again?! Paije Richardson goes while Wagner Carrilho stays

I cannot believe that Paije Richardson left last night, while talentless circus attraction Wagner stayed. It’s beyond a joke now, and of course, though he believes that the public are saving him because we think he’s got talent, he’s actually being saved by voters who just want to annoy Simon Cowell.

But come on. Enough is enough surely? Paije Richardson could sing, properly sing, not strut about on stage enunciating every word while completely out of key and groping the dancers at every opportunity.

It’s utterly ridiculous that he’s gone while Wagner stays, which, if it were genuinely because the public liked him – as they did Jedward last year – then fair enough, but it’s the anti-X Factor campaigns that ensure Wagner’s continued survival…

But the stupidest part of it is that while all these thousands of people vote to keep Wagner in, just to irritate Simon Cowell, does it not occur to them that regardless of which number they use to vote, every single call make Simon that bit richer?

He won’t care who’s being saved and who isn’t in the long run because each and every call is adding nicely to his bank balance.

So to those of you who are voting to save Wagner just to throw the competition, I would say this; try to put yourself in the shoes of people like Paije who are the ones who are being ‘hurt’ by these ridiculous campaigns…

He is talented, he’s a genuinely nice guy and he deserved a shot at staying in, and it was your votes to save Wagner that helped ensure Paije left.

Is it right or fair that petty anti X Factor votes are costing people like him – ordinary people who’ve got extraordinary talent – a chance to change their lives?

No, it isn’t fair. It’s wholly wrong, so please wake up and smell Simon’s bank balance, which isn’t being hurt one bit by your voting to save Wagner. It’s only hurting people like Paije.

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