X Factor 2010: Storm Lee says he slept with Katie Waissel!

Clearly, Storm Lee has never embraced the concept of not kissing and telling, because in this week’s News of the World, he claims that he and Katie Waissel slept together. And what’s more, he apparently wants to marry her!

But perhaps most bizarrely, Storm previously ‘came out’ as being gay, so can we assume being with Katie – if he was – has ‘turned’ him, or is this, as I suspect, a desperate attempt to keep his face/name in the press?

Anyway, the pair were friends before they appeared on The X Factor, and apparently they “became close” when they were both in LA trying to secure record deals.

Speaking to the paper about allegedly having slept with Katie, Storm said that they are “soulmates.”

He added, “On our first meeting we had this instant chemistry. We were cuddling and hugging at a pub afterwards and she begged me not to go back to the USA.

“That was the day she said ‘we should do X Factor’. I had no idea what it was.”

Storm says he then returned to LA and claims that Katie followed him. On the subject of when theyslept together, he said, “We drank champagne and took some pictures in a photobooth.

“Suddenly we ended up kissing passionately. “We ended up on the roof of her place, with a blanket watching the sun come up.

“One thing led to another and we started peeling off our clothes and got very intimate, caressing and kissing all over.

“We came close to going all the way, but I didn’t have any condoms.”

Ewww, information overload!!

He continued, “Up there we vowed to look after one another and Katie said to me, ‘I want to marry you now. I have met the man of my dreams’.

“We made a pact to get married if she wasn’t married by 30.”

Storm will be on the X Factor stage again tonight performing the final sixteen’s charity single, and it seems he’s hoping to rekindle his relationship with Katie…

He said, “I have so much to say to Katie and I hope to get some time alone with her. I will tell her my true feelings.”

Yeah, bet she just can’t wait!

More X Factor news soon 😉

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