CSI: Miami: All Fall Down

Tuesday 21 December, 9:00pm on Five

The dramatic conclusion to the eighth season of the forensic drama series sees a serial killer taunt the CSIs with a string of cryptic clues. The longer the team takes to decode the puzzles, the higher the death toll becomes. When each CSI receives an anonymous letter containing several fragments of paper, they piece them together to form a picture of a woman standing in a window with a crosshair trained on her forehead. Walter realises that there is an address printed on the bottom of the picture. The CSIs race to the house, but are too late. Young mother Janice Potter is lying dead on her kitchen floor after being shot through the window. Jesse and Walter find the murder weapon perched on a stand in the woodland surrounding the house. Jesse realises that the rifle was fired remotely using a computer. “This lady was killed online?” Walter asks, incredulously. The victim’s husband Craig, a divorce lawyer, fears that a disgruntled ex of one of his clients might have taken revenge. “I make people angry for a living,” he admits. However, the CSIs turn their attention to the local university when they discover that Janice – a stayat- home mum -was receiving cheques from the institution without her husband’s knowledge. “Let’s figure out who this soccer mom really worked for,” Horatio declares. The paper trail leads Horatio and Delko to PhD student Melissa Walls, who tells them that Janice volunteered as a research subject for her thesis. “I have her to thank for my success,” the student beams. Before long, Craig Potter returns to the precinct with a letter addressed to the CSIs, which was delivered to his home. The envelope bears an augmented reality tag, which leads Ryan to an online image of the university’s swimming pool. “We’ve got to stop another murder,” Ryan exclaims as he races to the scene. However, once again the team is too slow, and Ryan and Delko are left to pull a man’s body from the water.

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