CSI: Miami: Meltdown

Tuesday 30 November, 9:00pm on Five

The forensics drama continues. In this episode, the CSIs attempt to catch the culprits behind an armed robbery that left a bystander dead. Elsewhere, Delko returns to the fold, but Natalia inadvertently discovers that he is working undercover to spy on the team. A customer at an upmarket jewellers is shot dead during an armed robbery, but the culprits escape along with a haul of valuable diamonds. After she develops a ringing sound in her new hearing aid, Natalia discovers that the criminals used a signal jammer concealed in a plant pot to shut down the security cameras. Meanwhile, Calleigh catches a glimpse of her ex-boyfriend Jake Berkeley, who is an undercover cop, at the scene. Shortly afterwards, she finds a crucial piece of evidence that she is certain was not there before. Using this evidence, Tripp and Calleigh are able to trace the address at which the thieves stored their getaway car. At the scene, they find that the floor is littered with diamonds. “Who the hell would throw away diamonds after they went to the trouble of stealing them?” the captain asks. Suddenly, the pair hear gunshots inside the building. They race in to find Jake, who is standing over a man’s body. Jake admits that he had infiltrated the gang in order to bring it down, and that he acted as the getaway driver after the heist. He claims that he shot his accomplice because he drew his gun on him after he guessed his true identity. However, Jake claims that he never met the two people responsible for carrying out the actual robbery. As the investigation proceeds, the CSIs discover a memory card with surveillance photos of the jewellery store in the pocket of the man Jake shot dead. The pictures appear to have been taken from the window of a nearby office, which Natalia and Ryan soon realise belonged to the casualty, Ben Rooney. “Maybe our victim wasn’t so innocent after all,” Ryan realises.

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