CSI: Miami: Mommie Deadest

Thursday 9 December, 9:00pm on Five USA

The forensics drama continues. In this episode, the CSIs uncover a family’s dark past when a suburban soccer mom is murdered. Meanwhile, Delko continues his undercover investigation into Horatio’s team. The 20th wedding anniversary party of upstanding citizens Laura and Chuck Williams ends in tragedy when Laura is bludgeoned to death. The victim was using a video camera at the time, which shows that she was drawn to the garage where she was killed by the discovery of a broken light. The tape also makes it clear that Laura caught Chuck (Mark Moses, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Desperate Housewives’) flirting with another woman at the party. The woman turns out to be their young son Cody’s teacher, who tells the CSIs that she thinks the boy is being abused. Calleigh finds an old recording of a Thanksgiving party on the same tape, in which Laura is shown violently assaulting her teenage daughter, Andrea (Olesya Rulin, ‘High School Musical’). Chuck denies all knowledge of the abuse, but admits that he was often away on business. Andrea confesses that her mother used to handcuff her to the bed to prevent her seeing her boyfriend Logan, which immediately marks the pair out as suspects. When Ryan finds a bloody baseball bat among Logan’s possessions, he is brought in for interrogation. Andrea interrupts proceedings to confess to the murder, but Horatio knows she is lying when she claims to have only struck her mother once.

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