CSI: Miami: Time Bomb

Thursday 16 December, 9:00pm on Five USA

The forensics drama continues. This week, as the investigation into the assassination of State Attorney Rebecca Nevins gets underway, the CSIs are disturbed to discover that the trail of evidence leads back to Ryan. As the team sifts through the evidence from the scene of the car bomb that killed Rebecca Nevins, Horatio becomes convinced that Delko was the intended target. He visits his ex-partner Sully, whom Delko visited the previous day regarding the thefts from the evidence store. “Somebody tried to assassinate Eric today,” Horatio growls. “Clearly, Sully, he’s getting close to something.” However, Sully denies telling anybody about Delko’s investigation. Meanwhile, Delko and Jesse discover that the car to which the bomb was attached was taken from the MDPD’s pound a few months earlier by one Steven Carmichael, an undercover cop. However, it soon transpires that Carmichael has not been seen for two years, and an imprisoned drug lord confesses to killing him at around the same time as he disappeared. “There ain’t gonna be much of him left to find,” he brags. “Maybe the anchor that went down with him.” Back at the lab, Walter and Ryan find hundreds of tiny metal sprockets of the sort used in golf carts among the bomb debris. They discover that convicted bomb-maker Drew Pollack is notorious for manufacturing explosives of the exact same style, but he refuses to cooperate and tell the CSIs who enlisted him to make the device. Meanwhile, Tom sets about performing the postmortem and removing the shrapnel from Nevins’s body. Amongst other things, he finds a chip from a satnav device, which clearly came from the bomber’s car. As the chip is still intact, the CSIs are able to insert it into another device and trace the starting point of the vehicle’s last journey. Delko and Calleigh retrace the route, and are alarmed when it leads them to Ryan’s apartment.

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