Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Monday 13 December, 9:00pm on Five

The fishing adventure show with Robson Green continues. This week, the actor heads to Florida, the king of all fishing destinations. Anglers from all over the world gather here to fish the thousands of miles of sea and rich inland waters – and Robson soon realises why. After landing some good-sized grouper, a tilapia and a giant sailfish, the intrepid fisherman goes after the ultimate marine predator. As Robson arrives in the fishing wonderland of Florida, he is greeted with the coldest spell the state has suffered for some 85 years. “You travel all this way to the Sunshine State and it’s blowing a gale!” he reflects. Refusing to let the weather dampen his mood, the actor teams up with captain Taco Perez at Fort Lauderdale and is soon on the open ocean on the trail of sailfish. Having never managed to net this beast, nicknamed the ballerina of the seas owing to its grace and power, Robson is determined that his luck will change. “America is my best chance to bag one,” he says. Despite Taco’s confidence, the sailfish are nowhere to be seen. After hours at sea, the anglers have caught nothing – until a flurry of activity attracts their attention. Taco catches a bull dorado, then leaves it in the water in order to attract females to the area. The ploy works very well, and Robson manages to land half a dozen good-sized fish in just five minutes. However, the sailfish remains elusive. The next stop for Robson is Miami, an hour’s drive south from Fort Lauderdale. To maximise the chances of fulfilling his sailfish dream, the actor joins up with local legend Bouncer Smith, who claims to have caught some 13,000 game fish in a 30-year career. Once out at sea, Robson quickly gets a bite and manages to bring in a remora, or suckerfish – a bizarre-looking fish that attaches itself to large predators for protection and transportation. He then lands a huge king mackerel. “Now that’s a lovely specimen, but I still feel like a kid who has been given the wrong present,” he says. After four hours at sea, Robson is about to give up when he suddenly gets a big bite. A flash of silver in the distance confirms his suspicions that this is a sailfish – and a big one. “What a rush!” he shouts. “There’s nothing like this!” The fish fights well, but, with the aid of Bouncer and his mate, the intrepid angler eventually manages to bring it in. “There we have it,” he enthuses. “The fastest ocean-going predator on the planet – the Atlantic sailfish!”

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