Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Monday 20 December, 9:00pm on Five

The fishing adventure show with Robson Green comes to an end. In this week’s series finale, the Geordie lad heads to California to complete his world tour in dramatic style. After wrestling with a big blue shark, Robson embarks on a night-time expedition to catch giant squid, then fly-fishes for rainbow trout in the tranquil but breathtaking waters of the Colorado river. After seven months spent on the road, Robson has finally reached the last destination of his fishing world tour – California. With its 800 miles of Pacific coastline and stunning desert-fringe lakes, the state promises to provide a dramatic climax to the Geordie’s adventure. Robson begins his American road trip at Mission Bay in San Diego, where he teams up with guide David for a fly-fishing experience with a difference. The pair will be using a rod and reel, but are not going after the trout to which Robson is accustomed. Instead, the anglers are after blue sharks, aggressive predators that can grow up to four metres long and weigh 400lb. “This may seem a bit nuts,” says Robson as he heads out to sea. “But for a fly fisherman like myself, it’s the ultimate challenge.” Upon arrival at an area ominously known as Shark Valley, David empties a bucketful of chum into the water to attract the hungry predators to the boat. As he sees a huge grey object rising to the surface, Robson’s confidence wanes. “I’ll be honest with you – I’m a bit scared,” he admits. But there is no time to reflect on the situation as the intrepid angler gets his first big bite. Following a tough struggle and a good deal of assistance from David, Robson eventually manages to bring in a 150lb giant. “Absolutely unbelievable,” he says. “That is the biggest fish I’ve ever caught on a fly line – and I don’t think I want to catch another one!” Despite his tiring day on the water, Robson heads back to Mission Bay that evening for a special night-time fishing trip. “The creature I’m after could be straight out of a monster movie,” he says. He and his fellow anglers are seeking the giant Humboldt squid – a large, intelligent marine predator with powerful tentacles, a razor-sharp beak and a reputation for attacking humans.

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