Home and Away: 13 - 17 December 2010

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Roo Stewart returns to the bay. Liam arrives in town with a new girlfriend in tow. Ruby discovers that Alex has a secret. Miles heads to Africa after Elijah is gravely injured. Penn reappears. 

Monday 13th – Episode 5196 

Much to Alf’s delight, his troubled daughter Roo returns to the bay after many years away. However, Colleen is not so happy about the new arrival. Will tells Lily the truth about why they left Gypsy behind. Bianca is on the verge of telling Vittorio that she needs more time to think about their wedding, but her world crumbles when Liam returns – with a new girlfriend in tow. 

Tuesday 14th – Episode 5197 

Roo attempts to build bridges with the residents of Summer Bay, but Colleen cannot resist reminding her about her misspent youth. Liam introduces new girlfriend Nina to Bianca and Vittorio, which prompts Bianca to press ahead with her wedding plans. Sid finally comes clean to Marilyn about Mitzy’s deathbed confession. Xavier works hard at getting John and Gina back together, but little does he know that they have reconciled in secret. 

Wednesday 15th – Episode 5198 

Robertson interrogates Roo about Hugo and Martha’s whereabouts. Ruby is thrilled when Alex kisses her during her driving lesson, but her joy is short-lived because she soon spots him on the beach with his girlfriend. Leah returns from Africa with the news that her relationship with Elijah is over. Will lovelorn Detective Robertson seize his chance to rekindle their romance? 

Thursday 16th – Episode 5199 

Ruby is crushed when Alex turns on her, but Charlie steps in to force the scoundrel to apologise. Leah is shocked to hear that Elijah has been seriously injured in Africa. Her first instinct is to rush to his side, but Robertson persuades Miles to go in her place. 

Friday 17th – Episode 5200 

Roo reconsiders whether she belongs in the bay. With Dex still heartbroken over Graves and Indi frantically cramming for exams, Sid finds it difficult to break the news that Marilyn will be moving into their house. Robertson prepares to leave Summer Bay after his investigation comes to a standstill – but things look set to change when Penn’s body washes ashore… 

Home and Away will be off air for four weeks over Christmas. Tune in on Monday 17th January 2011 to discover what happened to Penn.

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