Home and Away: 6 - 10 December 2010

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Bianca must choose between Vittorio and Liam. Nicole receives the results of her HIV test. Graves agrees to go on a date with Dex. Marilyn tells Robertson about her nightmares involving Alf. John moves a step closer to winning back Gina. 

Monday 6th – Episode 5191 

Bianca’s rekindled romance with Vittorio comes to a standstill when she receives a message from Liam. Liam gives her until the end of the day to decide between him and her fiancé – what will Bianca do? Ruby is crushed when Alex reveals that he already has a girlfriend. An outburst from Lily finally convinces Will to come clean to Irene about how he cheated on Gypsy. 

Tuesday 7th – Episode 5192 

Sid breaks the news that Nicole’s HIV test has come back negative. Robertson declares that the investigation into Penn’s disappearance is now a murder enquiry. One by one, he calls almost every resident to the station for interrogation – except Alf. It soon becomes clear that Robertson knows about Alf’s threat to kill Penn. 

Wednesday 8th – Episode 5193 

Xavier convinces John to go ahead and fight for the water bottle ban by telling him that Gina will be at the council meeting. However, when John realises that Gina is not there, he dejectedly drops his campaign. Graves is mortified when she receives a bunch of flowers from Dex. However, her boss encourages her to arrange a date with the teenager. Marilyn inadvertently tells Robertson that she has had dreams about Alf murdering Penn. 

Thursday 9th – Episode 5194 

Graves organises a double date for her and Dex, along with Indi and Romeo. But little does Dex know that it is in fact a cover for Graves to tease information about the murder from Romeo. However, to Graves’s surprise, she ends up quite taken with her date and feels compelled to tell him the truth about the charade. John renews his fight for the water bottle ban – but will it be enough to win Gina back? 

Friday 10th – Episode 5195 

Sid asks Marilyn to move in with him and the kids. Indi continues to experience jealous feelings about Romeo and Annie. Marilyn admits to Alf that she told Robertson about her dream. Outwardly Alf is surprisingly nonplussed, but he confesses to Miles that he feels the case against him is strengthening. Meanwhile, Marilyn dreams that something bad is coming for Alf… 

Coming Soon 

Roo Stewart returns to the bay. Liam arrives in town with a new girlfriend in tow. Ruby discovers that Alex has a secret. Miles heads to Africa after Elijah is gravely injured. Penn reappears.

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