Human Target: Tanarak

Sunday 5 December, 6:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the action drama based on the DC Comics series of the same name. The show charts the exploits of security expert and bodyguard-for-hire Christopher Chance. This week, Chance’s mission takes him to a remote Alaskan island, where an idealistic young doctor is being hunted by a sinister corporation. On Tanarak Island, Alaska, Dr Jessica Shaw (Moon Bloodgood, ‘Burn Notice’, ‘Terminator Salvation’) is pulled over by the local sheriff. After searching her car, the policeman discovers the body of a local mineworker in her boot. Jessica claims she is taking the corpse to the mainland to perform an independent autopsy. She then realises that the sheriff is accompanied by several gun-toting men. Panicked by their appearance, Jessica speeds off and is chased by the men. She manages to leave a message on her mother’s phone before exiting the road and driving through a nearby forest, before crashing her vehicle. Jessica’s mother contacts Winston and Chance and plays them the phone message. They determine that Jessica works for Agrius Industries, a billiondollar company that runs a mining concern on the Alaskan island. They theorise that Jessica has been asking questions regarding the suspicious death of a mine worker, so the company have decided to kill her to protect their interests. This theory seems to be confirmed by the fact that Agrius has closed the only access road to the island, presumably to isolate Jessica while they hunt her down. Chance gains access to the blocked-off island by pretending to be a mining official. Although he is given a burly armed chaperone while on the island, he quickly overcomes the man. He then sees smoke rising in the distance, which turns out to be from Jessica’s fire. When Chance finds her, Jessica is initially sceptical about the mercenary’s motives. He explains to her that her mother has hired him for a rescue mission, so Jessica slowly starts to warm to him. She in turn tells Chance about her patient, Hank, a healthy man who died of a sudden heart attack after complaining about shortness of breath and fatigue.

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