Human Target: Victoria (Series 1: 11/12)

Sunday 12 December, 6:00pm on Fiver

Reaching its dramatic climax on Fiver is the first season of the action drama based on the DC Comics series of the same name. The show charts the exploits of security expert and bodyguardfor- hire Christopher Chance. In the first episode, Chance is sent to protect a princess from an assassination attempt. In the second instalment, Chance and his team are interrogated over the whereabouts of a mysterious book. In this week’s first instalment, ‘Victoria’, Chance goes to meet his old friend Gerard in a luxurious New York hotel. Gerard is aide and head bodyguard to Victoria, Princess of Wales. It is revealed that Victoria has fallen in love with an American paramedic named Tony. Her husband, in collusion with the royal envoy, Templeton, has arranged to have her killed by her own guard to spare a royal embarrassment. “She is a threat to everything we swore to protect,” Templeton tells his team of would-be assassins. Chance and Gerard first get the princess out of the hotel. During the daring escape, Gerard is shot and mortally wounded, but first he gives Chance the name of a man whom he trusts to protect Victoria. After disguising the princess to fool the hordes of paparazzi around the hotel, Chance takes Victoria to a pub to meet the man that Gerard recommended – Connor Dunham. However, Connor is a former IRA enforcer who in the past has personally placed a bounty on the princess’s head. Has Chance accidentally delivered royalty into enemy hands? Meanwhile, Guerrero and Winston are asked to protect Tony from a possible attack. They find him in his garage and are just in time to rescue him from rooftop gunmen. However, with another sniper covering the only exit from the garage and the single getaway car not running, they must come up with an ingenious escape plan.

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