I’m A Celeb… 2010: I was right! Gillian McKeith going on tour to cure phobias!

As I predicted within days of Gillian McKeith’s screaming antics on I’m A Celeb, now she’s out, she’s going on tour with Lembit Opik to perform a stage show in which he’ll “attempt to cure her of her phobias” on stage.

You can read my article predicting that she would do exactly this here.

The Sun revealed the ridiculously un-cunning plan today, and Lembit told the paper, “She’s a lovely woman and it would be great to do something with her.

“Going on tour would be a great idea. I’d be very happy to do that – I do have to find work after all.”

He also revealed that he and Gillian plan to co-write a book about insects, so yet again, I was right on that score too.

He said, “We’ve been talking about writing a book called Insects Are My Friends.

“It would be a children’s book – but it could also help Gillian!”

But despite the fact that it was perfectly obvious that Gillian was faking all her panic attacks and fainting episodes just to line herself up with a new careers, she told the paper, “It was all real.”

I personally think she’s insulting the intelligence of the British public by doing this, because it was obvious from the get go what she was doing.

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