Law & Order: SVU

Friday 10 December, 10:00pm on Five

FloridaThe crime drama series following the NYPD’s elite sex crimes investigation squad continues with a double bill. In this week’s first instalment, federal agents question Benson about her apparent connection to suspected rapist Simon Marsden. In the second episode, the rape and murder of a young woman triggers an investigation involving international terrorism and espionage. The first episode of this week’s double bill, ‘Florida’, opens with the arrival of FBI Agent Dean Porter (Vincent Spano, ‘Alive’, ‘Rumble Fish’), who has come to New York on the trail of suspected rapist Simon Marsden. “I think you know where he is,” Porter tells Benson. “I need you to come with me.” Under questioning, Benson reveals that Marsden is her brother, and that she gave him some money prior to his recent disappearance (see episode 16, ‘Philadelphia’). Porter is shocked at Benson’s disclosure, but agrees to cut her a break on the condition that she help to track down her brother. Back at the station, Benson’s anxiety boils over into another case when she loses control during an interrogation. While questioning a rape suspect, she cuffs him to the table and attacks him in order to obtain a confession. When Cragen bursts in and drags her outside, Benson is kicking the man in the stomach. “What part of that [confession] do you think is going to stand up in court? I’ve had it with your crap!” he yells, sending the detective home. That evening, Benson receives a call from Marsden and agrees to meet him at a library. True to her word, she informs Agent Porter, who comes along to pick up his suspect. Before Porter can make the arrest, however, Marsden is spooked and flees into the street. Benson follows her brother down an alleyway, only to narrowly avoid being run over by a speeding car a minute later. “That was Simon’s car,” she says in disbelief. “My brother tried to kill me!” Are these the actions of a guilty man desperate to escape justice, or is there more to the case than meets the eye?

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