May The Best Christmas House Win

Tuesday, 21 December 2010, 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Four unique houses in the North-West of England pit their Christmas homes against each other in a bid to win a £1,000 prize in a Christmas special of May the Best House Win. 

Casting their critical gaze over each other’s festive masterpieces, the four proud homeowners judge in terms of: style, interior design, homeliness, hospitality comfort and unique Christmas appeal. Scoring each other out of ten – the winning contestant takes home a Christmas stocking filled with £1,000 and they all discover exactly what the others thought of their festive efforts; revealing just how passionate people can be over their Christmas homes! 

Meet the Christmas contenders: 

Former footballer’s wife and mother of two Nadine resides in a trendy and lavishly decorated Cheshire barn conversion which boasts a black Christmas tree and hired reindeer. 

Nadine said: “My taste in Christmas decoration is elegant, classy, lots of bling! I do spend a lot on my house at Christmas but it’s worth every penny. We have a black Christmas tree which isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it matches the décor of the house. I cannot stand tinsel – not for me at all, way too tacky!” 

Sue and Phil show off their amazing Christmas house in Denton, which takes them five weeks to decorate and flashes for four months of the year. 

Sue said: “We start putting the decorations up in September, it takes about five weeks. It’s magical – there’s not a surface inside and out that isn’t decorated – wherever you look there’s tinsel, baubles – and of course 25,000 lights! Everyone round here knows us. People call us Mr and Mrs Christmas. We’ve just never grown up really. We dread January and taking the decorations down – it depresses us!” 

Jane in Warrington offers the ultimate in Christmas hospitality. Dressing alongside her daughters as sexy Santas, Jane drafts in the help of a hunky Christmas butler, carol singers, and a real life snowman in this “classy not trashy” Christmas home. 

Jane said: “Our house is a party home at Christmas. Everyone who comes round our house at Christmas is blown away by it. It reflects my personality. We have a lot of leopard print which I love. I love snowmen, we have lots of snowmen in the house this year. The theme is sparkle, glitz and glamour. And we’ve got lots of surprises in store for our guests. It’s classy, not tacky.” 

Jewellery and handmade crafts expert Nico hopes to impress with her eco, recycled homemade Christmas effort in Manchester. 

Nico said: “I love all things vintage, I love charity shopping and recycling old things. I spend very little on my decorations and virtually everything is handmade. I call my home my nest – I do live in a bit of a fairyland and it is very magical. I want people to come to my house and realise that you can create something really beautiful without spending money.”

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