Neighbours: 20 - 24 December 2010

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Donna discovers that Paul has ulterior motives. Lucas makes a sacrifice to help Steph. Will Toadie’s defence plan backfire? Lyn’s attempt to honour Ringo causes conflict. Kate is torn between Declan and Brennan. 

Monday 20th – Episode 6046 

As the trial commences, Donna’s anxiety grows. Needing to clear her head, Donna confides in Zeke, only to discover Paul’s ulterior motive for encouraging her to attend the trial in the first place. Uncomfortable at having such strong public support, Steph urges Summer and Lucas not to stay and watch the court case. Summer becomes frustrated that Steph is pushing her away again. 

Tuesday 21st – Episode 6047 

Despite Steph’s wishes and Sonya’s protestations, Toadie charges ahead with his plan to use postnatal depression as part of Steph’s defence strategy. Toadie convinces Steph to trust him – but will the plan backfire? Tired of the fighting that the trial has caused, Donna is convinced that a Ramsay Street barbeque will diffuse simmering tensions. Despite a brief respite, Kate and Declan struggle to keep their relationship woes buried for Donna’s sake. 

Wednesday 22nd – Episode 6048 

When Michael discovers Paul and Rebecca’s marriage is in trouble, Rebecca is forced to make a choice – toe Paul’s line or admit the truth to Michael. Steph confesses to Libby how much she regrets giving Adam up. Trying to help, Libby and Toadie make plans to help Steph arrange joint custody with Dan. 

Thursday 23rd – Episode 6049 

Lyn organises a blood donation drive to honour Ringo. Karl rails at Lyn’s hypocrisy – how can she organise a memorial to Ringo while also trying to free Steph? Susan finds herself caught between her husband and her best friend. Rebecca and Michael confront their feelings for each other. Declan offers to give Kate driving lessons – strictly as a friend. But alone in close quarters, they both feel a hint of their old chemistry. 

Friday 24th – Episode 6050 

As the rift between Lyn, Karl and Susan deepens, Steph encourages Lyn not to throw away her friendship with Susan. Sam grows suspicious of the Kennedy family – is she about to discover Libby’s secret? Seeing that the school social event is pushing Andrew and Summer together, Natasha takes drastic action, threatening to spoil the event for everyone. 

Neighbours will be off air for two weeks over Christmas. Tune in from Monday 10th January 2011 to discover the outcome of Steph’s trial.

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