Neighbours: 6 - 10 December 2010

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Donna stays busy to keep her grief at bay. Andrew tries to bring Rebecca and Paul closer. Libby is determined to help Steph’s case. Declan realises his important job comes at a cost. Declan has to decide who he wants to be. Steph is shocked by Sam’s personal attack. 

Monday 6th – Episode 6036 

Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan’s ex-wife, appears and reveals she is prosecuting the case against Steph. Toadie convinces Steph to let him represent her. When Kate reveals her recollection of the accident, Toadie realises the battle to save Steph just got a lot harder. Donna throws herself into her work to avoid dealing with Ringo’s death. 

Tuesday 7th – Episode 6037 

Upon learning that Sam has returned to Erinsborough, a shocked Libby immediately throws her support behind Toadie. But in her desperation to protect Steph, Libby withholds vital information about the accident. When Karl and Susan discover this, Libby faces off against her parents. 

Wednesday 8th – Episode 6038 

Karl and Susan urge Libby to not hold back on her testimony. Libby refuses and distracts herself from her guilt by throwing herself into work. When Donna and Kate mind India for a day, Kate realises how much joy workaholic Declan is missing out on. Watching as Donna and Kate play with his daughter, Declan asks himself if his job is worth the sacrifice of his personal time. 

Thursday 9th – Episode 6039 

Natasha is determined to use the school social party to get closer to Andrew. Her hopes are dashed when Sophie is elected head of year seven and refuses to comply with her idea to hire Andrew. Knowing Andrew will not come to the social unless he is involved, Natasha needs to make Sophie bend to her will. Declan is given a new company car and weighs up the perks of being manager of Lassiters against the benefits of his old life. Friday 10th – Episode 6040 Sam’s attack on Steph gets very personal. Toadie retaliates with the threat of legal action, but Sam finds herself a surprising and powerful ally. Using her leverage over Sophie, Natasha wins the right to run the entertainment for the school social, but Summer has struck a deal that scuttles her. Paul realises that Donna’s offer of clerical help is actually a way for her to find solace from her grief. 

Coming Soon 

Kate has a new admirer. Karl and Susan threaten to reveal Libby’s lie. Kate finds comfort in a new man. Michael discovers he has feelings for Rebecca. Summer decides to declare her feelings to Andrew. Donna is torn when pushed to attend the trial.

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