Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel


December sees the world’s top storm chasers return to Tornado Alley, now armed to get closer than ever to America’s deadly twisters. Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer, IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey and weather engineer Tim Samaras battle weather and each other, to get images and data that could help decode the secrets of nature’s most intense storms.

After dissolving their partnership last year, Reed and chasing partner Joel are back together in an upgraded Dominator, but a vehicle malfunction threatens to end their first chase. While Sean has a power struggle with new navigator Matt that could cause him to miss an intercept shot. Then the storm of the season explodes across Mississippi, where trees, hills and heavy population combine to make the deadliest chasing environment in the country.

Tracking another storm to the west, Sean and Tim anxiously await news as Reed, Joel and Chris drive overnight to chase a Mississippi monster – a 1.75 mile wide EF-4 tornado bearing down on the small town of Yazoo City. This epic chase turns into a race against time to save lives and changes their lives forever. 


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