Above Suspicion

Tuesday, 4 January 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Deadly Intent: Part two 

Pathology report on Petrozzo shows he died from a massive Fentanyl overdose, forcibly injected at the back of his neck. Attempting to piece the trail together, Travis (Kelly Reilly) discovers a stash of fentanyl worth £30M was stolen from a lab in Miami 18 months ago. Langton (Ciarán Hinds) isn’t so sure there’s a connection. Joan (Amanda Lawrence) shows Travis the last entry in Petrozzo’s diary, the word ‘Godot’. With its meaning ambiguous, Travis follows her hunch investigating Julia’s ex-husband, Anthony Collingwood. In her searching, that name throws up a link to the FBI’s Most Wanted website, and a Alexander Fitzpatrick in particular, wanted for narcotic distribution, considered extremely dangerous and using Anthony Collingwood as an alias. Could it be the same man? Is he back in the country and involved somehow? 

Silas Roach (Robbie Gee) is confronted with the death of his friend Danny Petrozzo, and it is just the trigger the police needed. Finally he reveals his side of the story of the night of the shooting, how Danny had set up a big deal involving ‘Drop Dead’, and was bringing in a third party as supplier. When ex-copper Frank Brandon knocked at the door, Silas thought it was a set-up and panicked, shooting him before fleeing. 

Forensics on Petrozzo’s car find blood on the backseat and a print on the tailgate, the print matched to a Julius D’Anton (James Clyde). DCI Sam Power (Ray Fearon) knows the name, but dismisses his ability to be involved in killing Petrozzo, he’s small time, bit of possession that’s all. Power fills Travis in with more details about druglord Alexander Fitzpatrick, one of the most wanted men in the world. Powerful and virtually untouchable, operating under numerous aliases, he has eluded arrest for 20 years and there haven’t even been any sightings of him. As a favour to Travis, Power says he’ll call a friend of his at the FBI. Travis tentatively shares her findings with Langton, who has heard of Fitzpatrick, his reputation precedes him, and despite his initial reservations, he admits he has some time for it, and they both pay another visit to Julia (Stine Stengade). When they arrive, two thugs brush past them on the way out. Inside, they discover Julia has clearly been assaulted, but she insists she fell down the stairs. Travis is convinced the mugshot of Fitzpatrick is the same man she saw in the photo at Julia’s flat, a photo Julia now claims to no longer have and she denies that her ex-husband had anything to do with the drug trade, they have the wrong man. 

An address registered to Julius D’Anton is found and Travis and Barolli visit his wife, Sadie (Tilly Blackwood). She wearily explains that she hasn’t seen ‘Jules’ for weeks. Nothing unusual in that though, he’s always gadding after some money raising scheme or other, dabbling in antiques usually. Travis picks up a flyer for an antiques fair that Julius went to, at Bourne End in Buckinghamshire. After they’ve gone, Sadie slides back the door to the toilet, to reveal Julius has been hiding there the whole time.

Travis tells Langton that Julia has a sister near Bourne End, where D’Anton visited recently. Coincidence? Langton doesn’t think so and they drive out there. They find Helga (Benedikte Hansen) is the complete opposite of her younger sister, a jolly woman living the bumptious Good Life on the farm, baking scones and feeding chickens. She freely talks of how she and Julia are sisters by name only, that they see life very differently. She knew nothing of Frank Brandon, but remembers how Anthony Collingwood lavished the life of luxury on her, laughing off any connection to Alexander Fitzpatrick. Travis makes an excuse to leave the room and noses her way into a study. While she is looking at a photograph of a small single-engine plane bearing the registration mark G-ODOT, she is startled by a man’s voice behind her and drops the frame, smashing it. The man is Professor Damian Nolan (Julian Sands), Helga’s husband. For a moment, Travis is speechless, wondering if this could possibly be Fitzpatrick, but putting it down to her current obsession with the man. Despite the ‘perfect couple’ act, Travis’s detective nose sniffs something suspicious in this rural idyll. 

Back at the station, Power has come good through his FBI contact. A year ago, Fitzpatrick was breathalysed in Miami, the local uniform unaware who he really was. Though he fled the scene, his saliva was kept and a DNA profile drawn up. Not only does it prove he’s still alive, but if it matches the blood in Petrozzo’s car then it would mean he’s involved, just as Travis’s hunch suggests. Energised by the findings, a drunk Langton makes a subtle pass at Travis, but the awkward moment is interrupted by another development – David Rushton (Andrew Woodall), Julia’s advisor, has been found murdered in his office. 

Ciarán Hinds admits he’s relieved the team are faced with a less gruesome case in the new Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent. 

“In the first two series of Above Suspicion we saw some horribly dismembered female corpses and weird misogyny. I’m pleased we’re not dealing with that in this series. I didn’t have to look at the imagery, but I had to listen to the reports and that in itself was quite horrible because of the inhumanity of it all. 

“Deadly Intent is very different because it’s linked to drugs. There is murder as well but it’s not so gruesome.” 

In Deadly Intent the team are sent to investigate the shooting of ex-detective Frank Brandon at a drugs squat in an East London estate. Following further investigation, they discover a plot to sell a lethal drug called Fentanyl in the UK. 

“The interesting thing about this case is that the team don’t even know what they’re after to begin with. They’re in the dark; not quite knowing what they’re dealing with and how it will escalate, and meanwhile the person behind it all is always one step ahead.” 

Ciarán explains that although Langton is now Detective Chief Superintendent, it doesn’t stop him from taking command and leading the team on their most challenging case yet. 

“Langton has been promoted to Chief Superintendent. Theoretically, he should be overseeing five or six cases at once. I think whatever happens he seems to see himself at the forefront. He’s like the paterfamilias, the father of the family. 

“Langton steams onto this case because it involves an ex-copper, Frank Brandon, and it’s personal for him. He knew Frank and although Frank wasn’t the straightest of coppers, he gave 25 years to the service. Langton feels a bind of loyalty towards him, and there is also the added pressure that an ex-detective has been shot in a drugs squat. 

“Also, Mike Lewis, who is steady and loyal to the cause, is meant to head up the investigation but he is suffering a personal tragedy that affects him running the case as he’s meant to. As a result Langton can’t help but take over.” 

Langton jumps straight into the investigation and finds himself working once again with the newly promoted Detective Inspector Anna Travis. Having been previously rebuffed by Travis, Ciarán admits that despite Langton’s best efforts he still holds affection for her and feels pangs of jealously towards any male admirers. 

“He has a passion for her that really he shouldn’t have and this unsettles him. It doesn’t feel right because he knew her father and wouldn’t want anything to affect their work. He puts anything he can in between them to try to push his feelings away, whether it’s his rage, being the boss, or acting like a father to her. 

“Travis is very comfortable around Langton but I think it’s because she sees him more as a father figure, which is upsetting for him as well. Meanwhile, all these young men come in flashing their credentials trying to get her attention. Travis has always had admirers and whilst Langton feels twinges of jealously he doesn’t act on it. 

“In another breath he finds her infuriating, particularly because she has a habit of going off on her own and not sharing the information she finds with the team. She has been with the team for a few years now and should know better. Travis is a smart cookie and a great detective and Langton knows this; he admires her ingenuity and her instinct but still gets frustrated by her actions. 

“It’s hard to say where the relationship between Langton and Travis is going; we’re dependent on Lynda’s scripts for the answers!” 

Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent is a La Plante Production for ITV1. The executive producers are Lynda La Plante and Liz Thorburn. The producer is Hugh Warren and the director is Gillies MacKinnon. 

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