Ancients Behaving Badly on History Channel

Tuesdays at 9pm from 18th January 2011

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Separate myth from reality

For centuries, the world’s most infamous rulers have been shrouded in mystery, making it impossible to tell fact from fiction. Was Cleopatra as beautiful as they say? What kind of leader was Alexander the Great? How did Attila the Hun strike such fear into his enemies?

Throughout January, HISTORY™ will uncover the truth behind the legends and take an unprecedented look at the leaders who shaped entire nations in Ancients Behaving Badly.

Although they conquered continents and oversaw vast empires, many of the stories associated with great figures such as Caesar and Genghis Kahn have been lost to the ages. Only rumours and vicious tales spread by their enemies remain. Were the dark reputations and brutal stories unfair smear campaigns or did they mask even more shameful secrets?


The truth behind their success

Using cutting edge research, Ancients Behaving Badly rebuilds and unleashes the devastating war machines that helped the ancients rule their kingdoms with an iron fist. Away from the battlefields, expert psychiatrists will explore the motivation for the minds that decided the fates of millions. With this evidence it is possible to finally understand how the ancients used and abused their power.

Get ready this January as HISTORY delves into the lives of the men and women who built and burnt whole civilisations and uncovers shocking insights into their lives both public and behind closed doors.

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