Britain’s Got Talent 2011: Nutcase “lunges” at pregnant judge Amanda Holden!

Auditions for BGT have always been a magnet to the sanity challenged, and it seems this year’s crop of wannabes is no different…

The Sun today reports that a man who was pretending to be a “giant pigeon” hurled himself violently at Amanda Holden – who’s of course pregnant – and had to be tackled to the ground by security staff.

The pigeon impressionist was 39 year old Phil Zimmerman who apparently “spooked” the panel and the audience as he strutted and squawked like a bird on the stage, however, things turned sinister after he received three rejections from the panel. It was then that he lunged at Holden.

A show insider said, “Amanda was really scared. “The guy was very strange and she was worried about what he was going to do when he tried to approach her.

“She was convinced he was going to grab her.”

It seems that nuttier than squirrel poo Phil reckons he was only trying to hand a flyer to the judges about his act.

Does it worry anyone else that nutters like him – and the fruitloop who evidently thinks Sam Womack is actually Ronnie Branning – are walking the streets??

More BGT news soon!

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