Coronation Street: Kym Marsh angers fans over Waterloo Road NTA win

Kym Marsh faced an angry “backlash” last night after she tweeted that she was surprised Waterloo Road won an award for Best Drama at the NTAs last night.

Kym tweeted live throughout the show, and when the hit serial won the award, she tweeted, “Not being funny! Waterloo road??? X (sic)”

Her page was bombarded by angry responses from fans of the show, which prompted Kym to reply, “Why are people getting so personal to me cos I don’t like Waterloo road?

“I’m not being personal to them less their in it! Bore off!! Ha x.

She later wrote, “Guys calm yourselves I’m not slagging Waterloo road I was simply saying that of the nominees I was surprised it win please calm down.

“My mates are in it and they ain’t offended so…….”

And in response to one particularly angry tweet, Kym replied “oh grow up! It’s not bitching it’s having an opinion no doubt like you have.”

Kym later concluded that all the Twitter followers who’d left angry tweets were “strange folk”.

Were you as surprised as Kym that Waterloo Road won? Or did you think they deserved the gong?

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