CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Blood Moon

Tuesday 25 January, 9:00pm on Five

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues this week on Channel 5. Max Beesley and American comic Andy Dick guest star in this horror-tinged tale. When a decapitated man is found entangled in barbed wire, the CSI team delves into the murky world of vampire and werewolf role-playing. The body of a decapitated man is found in a woodland area propped up on a barbed-wire fence. His head is stuck firmly on a fence post nearby. “You can see the terror in his eyes – he knew he was going to die,” Ray observes. The positioning of the body and the fact that it is a night of a blood moon suggest that the murder was part of a ritual killing. The CSIs take a closer look at the body in daylight and are startled to discover an exotic long-horned beetle has been placed in the victim’s mouth. They also find hair on the body and ligature marks on the corpse’s wrists. “It looks like someone brought chains to the party,” Ray announces. The marks on the body suggest the victim ran into the barbed wire fence and then was turned around to face his attacker. “The killer wanted to look him in the eye,” Nick says. In the lab, Sara finds symmetrical scars on both of the victim’s hands, consistent with Ray’s cult slaying theory. The torso has more than a dozen hack marks on it, but Sara is more interested in the fact that the victim has been waxed from head to toe. By analysing the wax, the team locates the source of it – the beauty parlour of the Mediterranean Hotel in downtown Vegas. Ray and Nick locate the victim’s hotel room and find signs of a struggle. Amongst the smashed debris they find a bright yellow contact lens, but also a suit and wedding vows. From a receipt they ascertain that the victim was the prospective groom and that the wedding was due to take place at that very moment in the hotel’s function room. As the pair burst into the room, they find themselves in a gothic chapel full of vampires.

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