CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Pool Shark

Thursday 20 January, 9:00pm on Five USA

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues this week on Channel 5. When a cocktail waitress is killed by a shark at a Vegas pool party, the CSIs suspect that a bitter rivalry between two casino moguls might be to blame. Elsewhere this week, Hodges sinks into depression when Wendy announces that she is leaving the team. While a pool party is in full swing at the Golden Nugget casino, a shark appears in the midst of the revellers and rips the arm off waitress Desiree McQuire, killing her instantly. The venue keeps sharks in its aquarium, but it would apparently have been impossible for one of them to break free. As the CSIs team up with resident vet Dr Holloway to remove the culprit from the pool, casino owner Earnest Boozell bursts onto the scene. “I’ve got enough problems without people leaving my casino in body bags,” he snarls. As the CSIs try to solve the mystery of where the shark appeared from, Boozell informs them that all his animals are accounted for. “Maybe he checked in last night,” he offers, sarcastically. Meanwhile, Nick and Sara locate the only possible place where the shark could have been put in the water – and it is not covered by CCTV. At the scene, they find a cigar butt, which they link to Boozell’s promoter, Drops (played by special guest Method Man). Drops, an ex-con, outright denies the allegations, and tells the CSIs that he was only in the area to bring the DJ’s equipment through to the party. However, when Drops reveals that he used to work for Boozell’s rival, Danny Macklin, the CSIs realise that Macklin has gained enormously from the Golden Nugget being closed for the duration of the investigation. “Macklin’s got an aquarium, sharks – and a day club that would benefit from Boozell’s bad luck,” Brass declares.

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