CSI: New York: Unfriendly Chat

Saturday 15 January, 9:10pm on Five

New York-based spin-off of the crime drama series. In this episode, Adam witnesses a murder online while participating in a webchat with a stranger. With no idea of the victim’s location, Adam must use all his powers of recall to help the CSIs track her down. Adam is secretly using a videochat website afterhours at work when he gets talking to a beautiful young woman as she dances around her apartment. However, their chat is interrupted when a masked man comes up behind her and strangles her. Adam watches, powerless to do anything, before frantically calling Mac. At first, Mac and Jo are dubious about what Adam saw. “While I was at the FBI, we saw hundreds of fake snuff films and internet hoaxes every year,” Jo says, sympathetically. “They can be very convincing.” However, one look at their colleague’s face assures them that he is convinced that he witnessed a murder. Jo helps Adam recover his memory of what he saw using psychological techniques. Astonishingly, they are able to trace the victim to a Manhattan apartment thanks to a statue Adam observed through her window. The team races to the building and finds the victim, a Parisian music student named Sass Dumonde, lying dead on the floor with a ligature wound to the neck. After the CSIs move in to comb the scene for evidence, it becomes clear that the laptop Sass was using was stolen right after she was killed. “This doesn’t feel like just a murder,” Danny says. “Whoever killed this woman definitely wanted more,” Lindsay agrees. Hawkes attempts to trace the missing laptop, and in the process he learns that it was originally owned by Dragga Financial, a Wall Street investment firm.

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