EastEnders and Coronation Street bosses “swamped” with complaints over New Year’s storylines

According to The Sun today, both the BBC and ITV have received thousands of complaints about their respective New Year storylines in EastEnders and Coronation Street.

The BBC received more than two thousand complaints about the cot death storyline, and ITV has been slammed for airing what have been described as “inappropriate” lesbian storylines in Corrie.

Internet forums and chat rooms were inundated by viewers who objected to both the show’s plotlines, and for Corrie, the biggest objection was that the characters of Sophie and Sian were shown kissing passionately before falling into bed together.

But back to EastEnders, and The Sun quotes two of Throng’s readers as saying of the cot death and baby swap plotline, “I can’t believe that the writers would do this to Ronnie…”

“Having been an avid EastEnders fan for years, I will no longer watch it.”

As to the Corrie plotline which showed Sophie and Sian kissing then sleeping together, many viewers believe the storyline is an attempt to “glamorise” lesbianism.

One forum user wrote, “Two pretty teenagers that young girls will look up to”.

What do you think of these storylines?

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