EastEnders: Mums request BBC bosses meeting over baby death & swap. FGS, this is crazy!!

The Telegraph today reports that the founder of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts, has written to BBC bosses requesting a meeting with them to discuss the controversial cot death and baby swap storyline.

The plotline has caused thousands of viewers to complain about the way bereaved mothers are portrayed by the storyline.

Ms Roberts told the paper, “The mums who attend this meeting will probably be people who have suffered bereavement.

“They’re the ones who know how inaccurate this storyline is.

“Mumsnet is just the mouthpiece for mums on our site who have suffered that tragedy.”

The news of the request comes after EastEnders bosses revealed that they plan to conclude the storyline much earlier than was originally planned, and the writers are to end the plot with a “warm and tender” story.

Personally, I think this has got way out of hand and is bordering on the ridiculous. THESE ARE FICTITIOUS CHARACTERS!

I understand how mothers who’ve suffered bereavement themselves would be upset by the storyline, but come on; would any sane person really see this storyline and automatically assume it accurately reflects how a bereaved mother would act??

I think not.

I honestly do not understand how this level of hysteria has been reached over a soap storyline…

Did brunettes everywhere – especially those called Tracy – go nuts when Tracy Barlow clubbed Charlie Stubbs to death for fear they’d be branded murders, just like Tracy on Corrie was??

Is anyone called Andy in Yorkshire looked at funny if he has a box of matches in his hand?

Are all gay Christians called Sophie automatically going to be thought to be gay because Sophie Webster in Corrie is?

No, of course not, and I think parents such as those who’ve complained via Mumsnet should give the rest of us some credit for not being totally moronic and for not actually believing storylines in soaps reflect accurately real life.

We – most of us sane viewers anyway – do not believe real people act like soap characters, and personally, I find it offensive that these mums are assuming we’re all just that stupid.

It’s a soap, fiction, it’s not real. We know that, so please, get past this and stop fixating on what is in actuality NOT REAL!

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