Elmes 3 Style


Extreme Freestyle, Martial Arts and Display



Emma, 27

Jay, 19

Dave, 25






To make it into the TV industry and continue to perform worldwide.



Originally trained in traditional martial arts, Elmes 3 Style are a trio of siblings who – after choreographing their routines to music – have entered competitions all over the world and hold no less than 28 titles between them.

Eldest sibling Emma owns a martial arts club in Essex called The Silver Dragons, which pulls in between 50 – 70 members while Dave and Jay are both electricians. The group train at Emma’s club and hope to one day get martial arts display established as an Olympic sport.

Having danced together for ten years, The Elmes 3 Style have competed at the WKA and WUMA World Championships and the US open. The trio regularly perform at weddings and corporate events – but have made one off appearances at Glastonbury, on CBBC’s The Slammer.  

The Elmes siblings have the full support of their parents, who re-mortgaged their house to fund their travel to various competitions.

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