Street Dance



Deelee; 13, Courtney; 12, Jazmine; 11, Tawney; 12, Ella; 13, Jack; 16, Thomas; 14, Jaimee; 14, Elliescia; 13, Harleigh; 11, Gregory; 17, Tara; 10, Brandon; 12, Shakara; 17, Deavian; 12, Ffion; 9, Tayla; 9, Ashlea; 12, Teagan; 9



Port Talbot, Wales



Hip Hop, Diversity and Rihanna




To become a successful group and dance with big artists.


Eruption were brought together as a group 18 months ago by dance teacher Terry. Made up of selected students from his dance school, TDM, Terry welcomed Got To Dance 2010 auditionee, Jack, to the group earlier this year after seeing him on the show.

Self taught Jack failed to impress the judges last year with his street dance moves, despite telling them that he had to stop going to classes when his mum’s cancer diagnosis meant that they could no longer afford it. His poignant story touched a nerve with Terry, who swiftly offered him a scholarship to join Eruption.

Since accepting his scholarship, Jack has been training with Eruption twice a week and their support has given him the confidence to believe in himself and in his dance ability.

Eruption have won numerous competitions as a team including the World Street Dance Championships in Blackpool, which makes them the Welsh, British and World Champions for their age group. They won the British Championships and a Capezio award at the International Dance Festival “Move It” in London and have also danced alongside Diversity and George Sampson at Butlins in 2010. Besides these competitions they have been fundraising and preparing for the World Championships.

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