Home and Away: 17 - 21 January 2011

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Roo and Gina come up with a plan to help Hugo and Martha. Will suffers a breakdown. Roo becomes suspicious about her father’s role in Penn’s death. Nina and Liam split. Detective Robertson accuses Will and Alf of killing Penn. 

Monday 17th – Episode 5201 

Romeo picks up on the fact that Nina and Liam’s relationship is nothing serious after she tries to kiss him, so he decides to tell Bianca. Roo tries to persuade Gina to use Hugo’s stash of money to help him and Martha. When the coroner’s report comes through, Robertson has some serious questions for Alf about Penn’s murder… 

Tuesday 18th – Episode 5202 

In spite of their best efforts, Bianca and Nina become friends when they are forced together during April’s recycling event. Eventually, Nina notices the chemistry between Bianca and Liam and leaves town, telling him she is not prepared to be the other woman. Robertson discovers that Alf’s shop stocks exactly the same knife as was used to kill Penn. Xavier begins to suspect that Gina is secretly seeing another man, but eventually John comes clean and tells the shocked teenager the truth about his secret liaisons with Gina. 

Wednesday 19th – Episode 5203 

Dex makes a fool of himself when Graves arrives at his house to interview Sid. Roo becomes suspicious when she discovers Alf burning something in the incinerator late at night. Gina and John discuss their relationship and, unaware that he has bought an engagement ring, Gina insists that if they are to be a proper couple again, they cannot discuss marriage. Ruby falls out with Charlie over her driving test. 

Thursday 20th – Episode 5204 

Still convinced that her death is imminent, Marilyn decides to start giving away her possessions. Gina discovers that Roo is in serious financial difficulty, and begins to suspect that her plan to get Hugo’s money to him is really a ruse to get her hands on it herself. When Will loses his job and receives divorce papers from Gypsy on the same day, he breaks down and trashes the house. 

Friday 21st – Episode 5205 

Indi starts to have reservations about living with Marilyn. Robertson goads Alf and Will, telling them that he knows they conspired to kill Penn. Meanwhile, Will begins to fear that he will lose Lily in the divorce. 

Coming Soon 

Bianca’s mother arrives in town. Lily and VJ decide to run away to Africa. Dex steals his father’s car and spends a wild night out with Ruby. April hatches a plan to push Bianca and Liam closer together.

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