Home and Away: 24 - 28 January 2011

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Bianca’s mother arrives in town. Lily and VJ decide to run away to Africa. Dex steals Sid’s car and enjoys a wild night with Ruby. April hatches a plan to push Bianca and Liam closer together. 

Monday 24th – Episode 5206 

Certain her end date is nigh, Marilyn attempts to say goodbye to the people of Summer Bay – but everyone is too busy to give her their attention. Meanwhile, April schemes to get Liam and Bianca back together – until her mother Joanna arrives in town, determined to see Bianca marry Vittorio. 

Tuesday 25th – Episode 5207 

Gina seeks John’s help to secretly get Hugo’s stash of money to him. April’s plan to force Liam and Bianca into talking backfires when Liam pulls out of chaperoning the formal. Will’s mental state deteriorates in the face of constant pressure from Detective Robertson. Lily is left struggling to cope with her father’s behaviour and, after a discussion with VJ about his own family problems, the pair decide to run away to Africa to visit Elijah. 

Wednesday 26th – Episode 5208 

The residents of Summer Bay pull together to look for the missing children, and in the process Robertson uncovers a vital clue about Penn’s death. Sid snaps when he discovers that Marilyn has recorded farewell DVDs for her friends. Dex steals his father’s car in order to help Ruby find her dream date at a party. While Ruby’s wish is granted, the night ends in disaster when the pair are pulled over by the police. 

Thursday 27th – Episode 5209 

Charlie bans Ruby from the formal in light of her recent antics, but this leads to yet another argument with Angelo, who thinks Charlie is being far too harsh on her daughter. Meanwhile, Dex begins to feel like an outcast as he realises that he has little in common with people his own age. John informs Roo that she must travel to New York to legitimise the transfer of Hugo’s money. However, when Charlie starts to become suspicious, Roo begins to wonder whether she is doing the right thing and is forced to confide in Alf. 

Friday 28th – Episode 5210 

Irene comes to realise that Joanna and Vittorio have nothing but contempt for the people of Summer Bay. Ruby sneaks out to the formal at Angelo’s, getting them both into big trouble. Meanwhile, as Vittorio hosts a bachelor party, Liam and Bianca find themselves drawn together once again… 

Coming Soon 

Ruby decides to leave town to escape her mother. Leah and Robertson are reunited. Marilyn meets her ‘end date’. Bianca’s wedding day arrives. Nicole discloses a shocking secret about Penn.

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