Neighbours: 17 - 21 January 2011

Neighbours – weeknights on five

Toadie falls apart under the weight of his guilt. Declan plays dirty to keep Kate from Brennan. Libby helps Toadie move on. Will Kate win Brennan back? Lyn finds strength through her friends’ support. 

Monday 17th – Episode 6056 

Toadie finally confides in Sonya that he feels guilty about his behaviour over the last year, but her unwavering support helps him regain faith in himself. Realising just how important she is, Toadie asks her to move in with him. What will he do when she says no? Donna recruits Zeke to help with a series of dating training exercises to help Kate prepare for her date with Brennan. 

Tuesday 18th – Episode 6057 

As things heat up for Brennan and Kate, Declan’s jealousy is piqued. Brennan notices Declan’s feelings, privately advising him to let Kate move on or risk losing her for good. Rattled by Sonya’s refusal to move in, Toadie turns to Libby. Toadie then returns to Sonya with proof that he is determined to move on. 

Wednesday 19th – Episode 6058 

Guilt-ridden that she still has the stolen money, Tash decides to put it to good use. Discovering Summer’s DVD player is broken, she buys her a new one. But Summer, still struggling with her feelings for Andrew, refuses to accept charity from the girl he chose over her. Brennan backs off from Kate’s affections, fearing she comes with too much baggage. 

Thursday 20th – Episode 6059 

Michael and Rebecca’s emotional connection continues to grow. But Paul’s determination to win back Rebecca’s love is growing too. As Rebecca and Michael look forward to a date, Paul puts a secret plan in motion, leaving Rebecca reeling. Andrew tries to convince himself he can be happy with Tash, but cannot help longing for Summer. 

Friday 21st – Episode 6060 

Noticing the toll his blackmail is taking on her, Paul swallows his pride and offers Rebecca a break. Lyn struggles to keep her grief in check when Steph refuses to see her. Seeing Lyn is hurt, Susan tries to support her friend by roping her into helping to make a quilt for a hospital fundraiser. Lyn is reluctant but with support she eventually lets down her defences. 

Coming Soon 

Sonya moves in with Toadie. Kate washes her hands of Paul and Declan. Lyn’s grief pushes her to drastic action. Sonya is keeping secrets from Toadie. Lyn refuses to drop Steph’s appeal.

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