Neighbours: 24 - 28 January 2011

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Sonya moves in with Toadie. Kate washes her hands of Paul and Declan. Lyn’s grief pushes her to drastic action. Sonya is keeping secrets from Toadie. Lyn refuses to drop Steph’s appeal. 

Monday 24th – Episode 6061 

Convinced that Paul is making Rebecca stay married against her wishes, Declan packs her bags, determined to drive up to Queensland and convince her to flee. But Paul discovers him – and threatens to reveal to the police that Rebecca pushed him from the Lassiter’s balcony, reasoning that Declan will do anything to keep his mother out of prison. But Declan calls Paul’s bluff. Sonya moves into Toadie’s house, but what should be a joyous day soon turns tricky. 

Tuesday 25th – Episode 6062 

Declan decides that the only way to truly protect Rebecca is to leave Ramsay Street for good. With Brennan determined to find who was really responsible for the ‘accident’, Paul realises he needs inside information of his own on Brennan. Falling hard for Brennan, Kate recruits Donna to plan a romantic date, but soon the romance becomes a whole lot more complicated. 

Wednesday 26th – Episode 6063 

Burying her feelings for Andrew, Summer attends his party, intent on having a good time. However, things soon turn serious. Hating herself for having tarnished her relationship with Brennan, Kate vents her frustration at Declan and Paul. It takes Donna to convince her to give things another go. 

Thursday 27th – Episode 6064 

Lyn sees Summer’s collapse as the final proof that Steph’s absence is destroying her family. She wants to convince Steph to fight to return home, so takes drastic action. Tash musters the courage to tell Andrew she has fallen in love with him. Andrew cannot return her feelings as he becomes more and more attracted to Summer. How will he tell Tash? 

Friday 28th – Episode 6065 

A run-in with Tim Collins makes Toadie realise he needs a holiday. But his plans are derailed when Sonya gets a mysterious call. Lyn is too proud to admit that hiring Tim to appeal Steph’s sentence is a big mistake – is it already too late for Lyn to change her mind? As a romantic gesture, Karl nominates Susan as ‘Citizen of the Year’. But when Susan returns the favour, the Kennedys’ competitive spirit is sparked. 

Coming Soon 

Lynn takes drastic action to bring Steph home. Sonya is rattled by a sudden arrival. Paul increases the pressure on Kate. Andrew finds himself shut out by his family. Declan shows Kate some of his old self.

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