Neighbours: 31 January - 4 January 2011

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Lynn takes drastic action to bring Steph home. Sonya is rattled by a sudden arrival. Paul increases the pressure on Kate. Andrew finds himself shut out by his family. Declan shows Kate some of his old self. 

Monday 31st – Episode 6066 

Lyn struggles under the financial weight of secretly funding an appeal for Steph and is forced to turn to Paul Robinson. Sonya is flustered by Jade’s arrival, and Jade soon begins moving in on Sonya’s life – much to Sonya’s distress. 

Tuesday 1st – Episode 6067 

Lyn tries to undo her mistakes. Paul intensifies the pressure on Kate to get information on Brennan. But when Kate refuses, Paul threatens to dismantle the Ramsays’ trust fund. Worried for the sake of her siblings, Kate is tempted to give in to Paul’s demands. Karl and Susan go head to head and end up taking extraordinary measures in the competition to become Erinsborough’s Citizen of the Year. 

Wednesday 2nd – Episode 6068 

Kate finds herself at odds with Sophie and is left home alone, until Brennan appears for an impromptu romantic evening. However, it is not long before things take a turn for the worse. Andrew hears that Brennan has reactivated Paul’s case and is stunned to find out his dad has kept him in the dark. 

Thursday 3rd – Episode 6069 

Tash discovers that Andrew kissed Summer. Andrew witnesses Summer on a date and cannot fight his jealousy. Moved to take action, Andrew finds himself on Summer’s doorstep. Michael is unimpressed with Tash’s plan to bring Andrew to Christmas dinner. When Declan gives Kate a small, personal gift for Christmas, Kate sees there is still some of the old Declan left. 

Friday 4th – Episode 6070 

Summer suspects Andrew was about to declare his love for her. Pushing Lyn, Summer discovers that she warned Andrew off her, so Summer calls Andrew to her house and declares she wants to be with him. Sonya admits to Lucas she wishes Jade would go. Is Jade a ticking time bomb for Sonya? Donna is stunned when a letter reveals she has been accepted to a New York design school – which Ringo applied on her behalf. Will Donna stay in Erinsborough, or follow her dreams? 

Coming Soon 

Ramsay Street burns –who will survive? Summer keeps her guilty secret from Tash. Brennan confronts Kate. Summer and Andrew struggle to remain apart. Rebecca returns to the street with a shock. Is Sophie jealous of Kate and Brennan?

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