Taras; 18, Maya; 15, Sophia; 18, John;  21, Jake; 20, John; 26, Stefka; 18, Maksym; 18, Helen; 18, Halyna; 14, Jaroslaw (Jerry); 17, Zenon;  26, Natalka; 19, Dianka; 19, Stefan; 15, Mariana; 17, Larah; 18, Natalie; 18; Sofia; 18, Martyn; 21






To be professional dancers, dance at festivals around the world, raise the profile of Podilya, win Got To Dance.



Billie Jean, Spanish music, pop music, Ukrainian dancing, Ukrainian dance group Virskiy, Step Up film, MIA Born Free, ballet, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Michael Flatley.


Podilya have been dancing together for over 40 years, with their dancing shoes passing from one generation to the next. All members of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Manchester, the 20-strong Ukranian dancing team are all about family; the group is made up of two sets of sisters and four sets of brothers and sisters, there’s also three couples in the group.

Passionate about their Ukranian heritage, Podilya rehearse together for two hours every week in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, working hard to bring their colourful and energetic Ukrainian dance routines to the wider public.

Podilya have worked with their current choreographer, Linda Szlachetko, since 1996 and the group travel to festivals and dance competitions within the Ukraine community every year. The dancers have had success in the competition field; they take part in the regional and national annual Ukrainian Youth Association dance competitions in Bradford and recently came first in the Regional Northern competition.

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