Freestyle Disco



Tamara, 10



Musselburgh, Scotland



To become a professional dancer and appear on Broadway.



Lady Gaga, Queen, James Blunt, Janet and Michael Jackson’s music video for Scream.


Tamara lives and breathes dance as a regular on the competition circuit and two times world freestyle champion.

This little winner began dancing when her mum took her to dance classes at three-years-old to help her burn off excess toddler energy. Tamara hasn’t stopped moving since and practices her Freestyle Disco up to five hours a day, working with her dance teacher to create the “the most unique, exciting, dramatic routines”.

Tamara wears some incredibly bright and flamboyant dancing costumes, drawing inspiration from her fashion idol pop artist Lady Gaga. With many trophies and medals under her belt, including three gold stars from our superstar judges, Tamara is ready to prove she simply has Got To Dance.

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