The Love Bus: Folkestone

Wednesday 26 January, 10:00pm on Fiver

The unique dating show presented by Z�e Salmon continues. In this week’s episode, the Love Bus arrives in Folkestone on the Kentish coast, where unlucky-in-love Naomi is looking to meet her perfect man. Ex ‘Blue Peter’ star Z�e Salmon presents this dating show with a twist. One singleton rides a specially kitted-out bus around his or her home town, while other singles wait at stops dotted around the local area. The potential dates board the bus one at a time, but they have just one stop to prove their worth to the picker, or be thrown off the bus. The chooser can decide to keep a date on board for longer than one stop, but in doing so runs the risk of passing over a more suitable partner who could be waiting further along the route. The couple left on the bus at the end of the journey win an all-expenses-paid date together. Twenty-nine-year-old party girl Naomi boards the big pink Love Bus in Folkestone to tell Z�e all about her relationship woes. Her ideal man is an arrogant type with a skinhead and tattoos, but so far all of her bad-boy boyfriends have led to nothing but trouble. “In the past I’ve been out with men who love themselves more than they love me,” she tells Z�e. “I think my friends would like me to pick someone who’s not my normal type.” But what is feisty Naomi’s type? “Good-looking, obviously,” she admits. “But if he can make me laugh, he’s won me over straight away.” At the Love Bus’s first stop, lorry driver and parttime dancer Ron clambers aboard. Puzzlingly, the 47-year-old is dressed as a fireman, but all becomes clear when he starts gyrating around the performance area. As a baffled Naomi looks on, Ron strips off his costume to reveal a toned body – and a tiny thong. After her date finishes his routine, he joins Naomi on the couch for some chat. She is mortified to learn that he is a professional stripper, but Ron seems proud of his vocation. “I’m known as Britain’s craziest grandad,” he brags, just before Naomi boots him off the bus.

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