Trinity Warriors





Leon; 31, Kayne; 16, Julian;  22, Kelvin; 11, James; 26, Karam; 12, Dominic; 19, Caine; 16, Callum; 10, Ryan; 25, Paco; 27






For Trinity Warriors to be a household name.



Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, Justin Timberlake’s Like I love You music video, the films Beatstreet and Step up 3D, and any new music with an interesting beat, from rock music to classical.


Formed in 2001, professional dancer Leon is the driving force behind Trinity Warriors and says that each member dances for personal reasons. Some members believe that their focus on dance is keeping them off the streets and away from gang crime.

The Bboying dance group are on a mission to prove that despite the closure of local youth centers in their Derby hometown, there are still positive activities available for young people. With their recent founding of an academy for young people, Trinity Warriors want to recruit more members and help kids channel their time and energy more positively.

Trinity Warriors boasts a young dancing champ in its ranks: 12-year-old Karam who is the Under 18’s Breakdance World Champion. The group have also won awards together and are the 2008 & 2009 UK Bboy Champions and have even been backing dancers for Busta Rhymes.

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