CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Cold Blooded

Tuesday 17 February, 9:00pm on Five

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues on Channel 5. In this episode, a student is killed by a life-sized animatronic T. rex. Elsewhere, the father of a missing teenager is murdered, but the investigation turns up new clues about his daughter’s whereabouts. At the scene of a suspected suicide, Nick recognises the dead man. Five years earlier, victim Phil Kohler’s 15-year-old daughter Whitney went missing along with her best friend, Rachel. The girls’ bodies were never found, but a man named Eli Holt was convicted of murder when Whitney’s blood was found in his van. Greg immediately suspects that the suicide was staged, and tests soon confirm that Kohler was shot by someone else. The CSIs interview Kohler’s soon-to-be-ex wife, Sharon, who claims that her husband was having an affair with Carly Beck – the mother of missing Rachel. “Who knew grief could push two people together?” she says, bitterly. “I’ve only seen it tear people apart.” Carly becomes the prime suspect when one of her hairs is found on Kohler’s body and the CSIs find her home empty. At the house, Nick finds that Rachel’s room has been left largely untouched since she disappeared. However, it is clear from spaces in the heavy dust that several items have recently been removed. On the floor, Nick finds a photo of a female skeleton in a shallow grave – wearing clothing identical to that worn by Whitney Kohler on the day she disappeared. As the case proceeds, the CSIs find Carly’s fingerprints on the photograph, and it transpires that she had been writing regularly to Eli Holt – but there is no evidence that he ever replied. They also learn that the murderer is in a coma after a suicide attempt ten days earlier. Meanwhile, an expensive gold watch that was missing from Phil Kohler’s wrist turns up after being pawned by a woman matching Carly’s description.

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