CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: House of Hoarders

Thursday 10 February, 9:00pm on Five USA

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues on Five USA. When several dead bodies are found in the house of a compulsive hoarder, the CSIs must determine whether she or a member of her family might be a serial killer. Sara and Nick are sent to investigate when neighbours report a foul stench emanating from the house of a mentally unstable woman. The tenant, Marta Santiago, was recently ordered to leave her home after it was deemed that her compulsive hoarding posed a health risk. At the house, which is piled floor to ceiling with junk, Nick and Sara find no trace of Marta. But, when Nick steps in a gloopy substance that turns out to be a dead body, they fear that they have arrived too late to save her. However, Marta soon arrives home and identifies the body as that of one of her daughters, Diana. Dr Robbins determines that Diana was killed by a blow to the head. Martha’s psychiatric doctor, Priscilla Prescott, arrives to help question her patient about the murder. She maintains that Marta is not capable of killing, but admits that her disorder could have caused her to overlook the body as it lay in her house. Back at the crime scene, Greg stumbles across a skeleton, which has its wrists bound together with red ribbon. Dr Robbins and Langston identify it as belonging to a teenage boy, who was killed by massive arsenic poisoning. Just outside the building, two more skeletons are found, each with its hands bound in a similar fashion. The CSIs are able to identify the boys as teenage runaways who all went missing from the same halfway house – which was run by Marta’s son, Julian. After learning that his sister Alisa -who has not been seen for some time – became friendly with several of the boys, the investigators conclude that he killed them in a fit of jealousy.

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