CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Sqweegel

Thursday 3 February, 9:00pm on Five USA

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues this week on Channel 5. This intriguing instalment stars twice Oscar-nominated actress Ann-Margret. When a well-respected philanthropist is savagely attacked in her bed, the CSIs search the house and discover that the attacker was watching the victim for some time – from within her home. It is night-time in a palatial mansion, and a dark figure is creeping through the garden. The figure uses a glass cutter to break in through the patio doors. Going upstairs, the interloper kneels over a recumbent woman in the master bedroom, then subjects her to a frenzied attack to the arms and chest with a straight razor. When the CSIs arrive at the crime scene, they discover that the victim, noted local philanthropist Margot Wilton, will survive the attack. “She’s got more buildings named after her than you can count,” Willows observes. As the team divides up the crime-scene duties, Captain Brass emerges shocked from the house. “It’s a real slash job – the bedroom’s a horror show,” he says. Langston and Willows notice on the upstairs landing that two photographs of a disabled child pictured with Wilton have been defaced, and that an awards plaque has been inexplicably turned around by the perpetrator. “They certainly weren’t in any rush,” Willows observes. The pair then discover a strange set of tracks in Wilton’s blood – alternating foot and hand prints in an unusual pattern. “That’s weird,” Langston says. “Is she lucky to be alive, or did she survive by design?” he adds. Downstairs, the investigators discover that one of the windows has been climbed through many times, presumably by the attacker. It is a mystery as to why the glass on the patio door had been cut. A search of the attic reveals that spy-holes have been drilled into the ceiling with cameras attached to them.

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