EastEnders: Rita Simons talks Roxy’s reaction to Ronnie’s baby storyline

Rita Simons, who of course plays Roxy Mitchell, has revealed that she “can’t even imagine” how Roxy will feel when it’s revealed the her sister Ronnie took Kat’s baby Tommy.

Roxy of course has no idea that Ronnie switched her dead baby James for Tommy, but the storyline will conclude when Ronnie hands Tommy back.

Speaking to Soaplife, Rita said, “Ronnie’s obviously not herself. Most people in the Square have noticed.

“Roxy thinks it’s the baby blues, that Ronnie, having lost a child herself and seeing Kat mourn, is struggling.

“She’s worried about her but has no idea of the true situation.”

And when asked what Roxy will do when she finds out, Rita added, “I can’t even imagine…

“It would be a massive shock.”

Rita’s on screen mum Glenda will of course also be horrified, but before that storyline, we’ll see Glenda and Roxy trying to get Roxy’s money back from Phil.

Glynis Barber who plays Glenda spoke to Soaplife about that plotline, and explained that in forthcoming episodes, we’ll see Phil catching Roxy and Glenda in his house trying to find his stash of money…

However, Phil protests that he didn’t steal the money and even accuses Glenda of having taken the cash. Then later, when a substantial amount of money is found in Glenda’s wardrobe, Roxy believes Phil.

Glynis said, “Glenda doesn’t think that Roxy will take Phil’s word over hers, so she’s devastated when she does.

“It makes no sense – Glenda is broke, so why would she leave a pile of money in her bedroom cupboard?

“She instantly knows that Phil planted the cash there. Glenda’s so hurt that Roxy believes him instead of her.”

The scenes will lead to Glenda revealing her affair with Phil.

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