Hollyoaks: Jorgie Porter worries about her looks, and Jennifer Metcalfe’s lonely on Valentine’s

Jorgie Porter, who of course plays Theresa McQueen, has told Bang Showbiz that she’s insecure about her looks when she compares herself with her female co-stars.

23 year old Jorgie said, “The pressure on the way you look is definitely influenced by looking at the other girls on the show and thinking, ‘Oh God, they look better than me’.

“The other girls on Hollyoaks are so beautiful and I do sort of aspire to look like them.”

And when asked if she’d ever consider cosmetic surgery, Jorgie replied, “It is so easy to just think, ‘Oh I’ll run off to another country for a cheap boob job because it’s a quick fix’.

“But I want a long career and I’d rather wait until I’m really old and really saggy and I really detest part of my body, and then I’ll treat myself.

“I’m pretty happy as a whole with my body at the moment.

“I know the other girls are gorgeous, but I’ve become so close to them – they’re my best friends – that I sort of forget how beautiful they really are.

“Sometimes I just look at them and think, ‘Oh wow, you’re really stunning!’

“We see each other everyday and we have the best giggle on set. We’re not shy and we share a lot of secrets with one another.”

In other news, Jennifer Metcalfe – who plays Mercedes Fisher – has told the Evening Standard that she feels lonely as Valentine’s Day approaches.

She said, “It makes me realise how alone I am. [The] last time I was with someone on Valentine’s Day was about five years ago and I can’t even remember what we did.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

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