Home and Away: 14 - 18 February 2011

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Will is still on the run, but Lily is growing weaker and weaker. April’s behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre. John learns the woman who claimed to be his daughter was an imposter. Nicole begins to question her decision about the baby. Robertson’s investigation takes a surprising turn. 

Monday 14th – Episode 5221 

Morag and Charlie attempt to track down Will but, still convinced of his innocence, Irene declines to assist them. April refuses to open up to Bianca about her problems. Meanwhile, Robertson begins to have doubts about Alf’s guilt… 

Tuesday 15th – Episode 5222 

Robertson’s case begins to unravel when he discovers that the woman who claimed to be Shandi Palmer is in fact a con artist named Daria. When John gets wind of the situation and discovers that the real Shandi is also in Summer Bay, he decides to leave well alone. However, Gina takes charge and arranges a meeting between her new husband and his long-lost daughter. 

Wednesday 16th – Episode 5223 

After tracking down Daria, Robertson and Charlie become convinced that she knows more about Penn’s death than she is letting on. But can they find enough evidence to hold her? Xavier is alarmed when he discovers that April has been secretly chatting online to a mysterious Frenchman named Rene. 

Thursday 17th – Episode 5224 

Bianca becomes concerned when April begins to skip school and, to add to her worries, Xavier accidentally lets slip that April met up with her father while she was in Europe. Sid, Marilyn and Nicole meet for a chat about the baby’s future, and in the process Nicole begins to doubt her decision to give away her child. Indi and Romeo realise that they are beginning to grow apart. 

Friday 18th – Episode 5225 

Indi takes her fury out on Nicole when she learns about Sid and Marilyn’s adoption plans. Will is still on the run with Lily, but he decides to contact Irene for help as Lily becomes increasingly sick without her medication. Will Irene continue to stand by her former foster son, or will she betray him to the police for Lily’s sake? 

Coming Soon 

The truth about Penn’s death emerges at last. Lily is separated from her father. Indi and Nicole’s first week at university arrives. Ruby and Romeo start to develop a close bond. April’s radical beliefs begin to endanger lives.

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