Home and Away: 7 - 11 February 2011

Home and Away – weeknights

Ruby receives devastating news about Ross. Charlie and Angelo split. Alf lashes out at Will, causing him to flee the bay with Lily. Marilyn makes an announcement about Nicole’s unborn baby. Xavier falls for a new girl in the wake of April’s recent departure. 

Monday 7th – Episode 5216 

Summer Bay is rocked by the death of a popular character. Alf is released from prison on bail. Liam and Bianca enjoy a blissful holiday in a remote beach shack. 

Tuesday 8th – Episode 5217 

Alf swears revenge on Will for implicating him in the murder of Penn. When their paths eventually cross, Alf lashes out and attacks his former ally. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Ross’s death, Ruby struggles to deal with the news that Angelo and Charlie have decided to go their separate ways – especially when she learns that Charlie failed to tell her the whole story. Irene tries to help Will move on with his life, and Marilyn and Nicole return to the bay with some big news. 

Wednesday 9th – Episode 5218 

Charlie is troubled by Morag’s apparent lack of emotion about Ross’s death, but after a blazing row Morag admits that she cannot give in to despair when Alf needs her help so desperately. Sid is floored when Marilyn informs him that she is planning to adopt Nicole’s baby. 

Thursday 10th – Episode 5219 

Dex forms a bond with VJ when he takes it upon himself to help the younger boy prepare for high school. Xavier pines for April, from whom he has not heard in weeks. However, when Bianca and Liam invite him to their beach shack, Xavier finds the perfect distraction in the form of a fellow student named Summer… Friday 11th – Episode 5220 April makes a surprise return to Summer Bay, but she chances upon Xavier in a clinch with Summer. April lets the incident slide, but it soon becomes clear to Bianca and Xavier that all is not well with her. Will breaks down and admits to Morag that Alf is innocent. He decides to flee town with Lily in tow – putting his sick child’s life in grave danger. 

Coming Soon 

Will is still on the run, but Lily is growing weaker and weaker. Will Irene betray him? April’s behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre. John learns the woman who claimed to be his daughter was an imposter. Nicole begins to question her decision. Robertson’s investigation takes a surprising turn.

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