Neighbours: 14 - 18 February 2011

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Jade discovers Sonya’s explosive secret. Lyn struggles as Paul gets closer to the truth. Summer frets over her feelings for Andrew. Donna is forced to reassess her future. Lucas’s desire to embrace life takes a risky turn. 

Monday 14th – Episode 6076 

Jade discovers that Sonya has been keeping a mysterious secret from her – will Sonya’s explosive revelation come out? Declan is torn when he realises how much Rebecca’s connection with Michael means to her. Will he agree to support his mother and help to keep her secret? 

Tuesday 15th – Episode 6077 

Sonya is determined to do whatever it takes to prevent Jade from blowing her secret, while Jade remains convinced it is the right thing to do. Lyn continues to dodge Paul, who is determined to discover the cause of the fire. 

Wednesday 16th – Episode 6078 

Desperate not to hurt Tash any more, Summer tries to deny her feelings for Andrew. However, visiting Andrew in hospital only makes things worse and the unresolved tension between the two grows. Frustrated and hurt by Rebecca’s constant rejection, Paul gives Lyn a choice – either help to win his wife back or face the consequences of her guilty secret being revealed. 

Thursday 17th – Episode 6079 

Summer reaches out to Tash and pressures Andrew into maintaining their lie. Donna has trouble creating a design folio for New York. Cornered by Donna, Nick is pushed to give his honest opinion on her work and he admits that he is not keen. Not prepared for the harsh truth, Donna is rocked – is this the end of her dream? 

Friday 18th – Episode 6080 

Lucas finds himself at a loose end and with all his mates coupling up, he decides to reconnect with his friend Billy. When Billy offers him a dodgy deal, Lucas accepts – is he starting down a dangerous road? After turning her back on her New York plans, Donna runs into her old colleague Lindsey. Will this brush with the past inspire Donna to reclaim her dreams? 

Coming Soon 

Rebecca hatches a plan to win her freedom. Donna finds it hard to leave Ramsay Street. Toadie and Jade clash, and Sonya finds herself caught in the crossfire. Sophie is growing up and has to deal with it alone. Lucas plays a dangerous game in search of a more exciting life.

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