Neighbours: 7 - 11 February 2011

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Ramsay Street burns –who will survive? Summer keeps her guilty secret from Tash. Brennan confronts Kate. Summer and Andrew struggle to remain apart. Rebecca returns to the street with a shock. Is Sophie jealous of Kate and Brennan? 

Monday 7th – Episode 6071 

Four residents are caught up in a Ramsay Street inferno. After a roof collapses, two people are trapped inside. As the remaining residents maintain a vigil at the hospital, Lyn learns that she had a role in starting the fire. Will she be responsible for the lives that are hanging in the balance? 

Tuesday 8th – Episode 6072 

Andrew and Summer are reunited, but can they have the relationship they want when Summer feels responsible for Tash’s injuries? Channelling her indecision about the New York offer into helping the Scullys, Donna is confronted by an even bigger fear. Will she be able to overcome her apprehension and make a decision that will determine the course of her life? 

Wednesday 9th – Episode 6073 

With the case weighing heavily between himself and Kate, Brennan is faced with a tough choice. Summer struggles to deal with her feelings for Andrew while living under the same roof as Tash. Andrew wants to tell Tash the truth, but can he go through with it? 

Thursday 10th – Episode 6074 

Waiting for Brennan to choose between her and his job, Kate throws herself into a distraction but ends up in a compromising situation. Has she blown her last chance with Brennan? Rebecca returns to the street and discovers that Michael was badly hurt in the fire. Do the pair have a future, or is Paul determined to win back his wife? 

Friday 11th – Episode 6075 

As Rebecca and Michael draw closer, Declan becomes suspicious. Is their secret at risk? Kate and Brennan are confused when his clothes mysteriously disappear from the lounge room. It seems Sophie is the culprit – so what is going on? Sonya receives word from Toadie that he and Callum are coming back from holiday. Desperate to avoid Jade meeting Toadie and Callum, Sonya kicks Jade out. 

Coming Soon 

Jade discovers Sonya’s explosive secret. Lyn struggles as Paul gets closer to the truth. Summer frets over her feelings for Andrew. Donna is forced to reassess her future. Lucas’s desire to embrace life takes a risky turn.

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