Law & Order: UK

Monday, 21 March 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

In series four of LAW&ORDER: UK the critically acclaimed cast; Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber, Harriet Walter, Ben Daniels, Freema Agyeman and Bill Paterson tackle more emotionally gripping, unmissable stories. 

In the third episode, ID, when a pregnant junior doctor is found beaten to death in the car park of the hospital where she works, the prime suspect becomes her boyfriend, Joe Nash (Matthew McNulty), who cannot provide a solid alibi for where he was at the time of the killing. Mobile phone traces put him in the right place at approximately the right time but when his therapist Daniela Renzo (Nicola Walker) provides him with an alibi for that evening, DS Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber) and DS Ronnie Brooks (Bradley Walsh) begin to suspect they are having an affair. On arrest, a more harrowing truth emerges. 

What initially seems like a crime of passion soon unravels into a conspiracy involving senior level government officials. Risking their careers and defying the instruction of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Crown prosecutors James Steel (Ben Daniels) and Alesha Phillips (Freema Agyeman) must get to the bottom of this case before another life is destroyed. 

Bradley Walsh says: “This storyline is exceptional. I’m sure these things go on – people are given new identities while the rest of society goes about its business. Most people wouldn’t know who their neighbours are. This could really happen and I find it intriguing. You never know what goes on behind your neighbour’s net curtains… 

“Our show isn’t scared about taking on issues. There are plenty of dramas with more gore or violence. LAW&ORDER: UK isn’t like that but it shows the intensity and relationships between the perpetrator and police and judicial systems; that whole three way dynamic is quite incredible.” 

Bradley’s character, Ronnie Brooks, faces some tough accusations later in the series.

He says: “Ronnie believes everyone deserves a second chance. He knows people don’t usually wake up in the morning wanting to commit a crime but circumstances make it happen. He knows there is often a reason – be it family problems or drugs; all things that are symptomatic of today’s society. And he knows this because of is own failings as a younger man; the drinking and the failed marriages. 

“So when James Steel points the finger at him and suggests that maybe evidence went missing because he was drunk on the job it is a shameful for Ronnie to have to deal with. But what gives him strength is how his boss and his partner round on Steel and jump straight to Ronnie’s defence.” 

This episode is produced by Richard Stokes, directed by Andy Goddard and written by Emilia di Girolamo. The executive producers are Andrew Woodhead, Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone. Dick Wolf is creator and executive producer of the series. A Kudos/Wolf Films/NBC Universal Production. 

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