Name:  Ondine

Region:   Northampton

Age:  38

Profession:  Contact Centre Team Leader

Personal:  Married with son (17), daughter (4)


When did you start cooking?

I really only started to cook in my early twenties when my son was young, I realised food was more than just a cook-in sauce or bacon and eggs! Although, it is in the past seven years I have completely thrown my heart and soul into it.


What are your cooking influences?

I’m an eclectic cook. Food can be thrilling and an adventure on the palate; I may not be able to travel the whole world but there is nothing stopping me cooking and tasting it.


Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I have always watched MasterChef and I felt it was my time to show what I can really do as well as gain great knowledge from working with the best chefs and the top kitchens. I want to move into a food based career and MasterChef will definitely help me achieve that dream.

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