Name:  Paul

Region:   Liverpool

Age: 27

Profession:  Health Care Assistant

Personal:  Living in a share house


Does cooking run in your family?

I’ve been cooking for about 16 years but it really doesn’t run in the family. My Mum hates it, my Dad can’t do it but my brother and sisters are all keen cooks. My Dad likes anything with gravy and sauce and my Mum’s favourite dish is homemade chips with dripping and a fried egg. They took a while to come round to my ‘modern’ food.


What influences your cooking?

I worked as a waiter for a few years during college and used to watch all of the amazing food being prepared and I longed to be on the other side of the pass. I was constantly asking the chefs how they did things. Now I work odd hours and spend the remainder of the week cooking. I prepare all of my meals for work from scratch; my colleagues are constantly envious as they usually only have ready meals.


Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I just cook all the time; it feels like I don’t stop cooking, and I’d love to own an English patisserie on day.

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